Friday, June 4, 2010

Whose Microphone Is This?

He's Aceyalone. He's Aceyaloha.

Nice wax from Acey. Taken from his album Accepted Eclectic, the A-side has an always-welcome guest appearance from Freestyle Fellow P.E.A.C.E., while the B-side is a tight non-album banger. Sometimes I think Acey keeps his best material for the flipside. Like some of his previous B-sides ("Fortitude" and "Feet Up On Da Table"), "Keep Rappin' and Spinnin'" is an infectious track, more than worthy of an album spot. With its mid-school production from Rhettmatic, this poetic tale of Acey's coming of age in hip hop was a departure from the relatively formulaic rhyme style and song structure he began using with Accepted Eclectic (listen to "I Never Knew," "I Can't Complain," "I Got To Have It," or "Master Your High" to see where I'm getting at). Despite some of that album's more repetitive moments, it still has plenty of tracks that rock the socks, and this single is no different. From 2001.

Microphones/Keep Rappin'


  1. What song does he say I'm Aceyalone, I'm Aceyaloha??? The line has been stuck in my head and i cant find the song.

  2. That's from "Bullies Of The Block" off of Freestyle Fellowship's Innercity Griots record. Acey's whole verse is freaky styley, but for whatever reason that "Aceyaloha" bit always stands out in my mind.