Monday, June 28, 2010


Broadcast the Boom Baps
From 2000, this wax debut from Disflex.6 introduced me to their northern Cali sound, as well as their eclectic crew Sunsetleagues. And actually I couldn't have come in at a more perfect moment: This EP is actually a crew compilation, rather than a Disflex record, as it features contributions from Disflex.6, Scratch Paper, and PBS, plus several instrumentals from the crews trippy beatmaker Surprisingly consistent, this brief record gave me a perfect overview of this Bay Area collective's accomplished and distinctive sound. Utilizing wonderfully refreshing jazz loops and down-to-earth poetry, this group is reminiscent (at least to me) of fellow Cali crews JKC, Araknophobix, or Bored Stiff; and is easily their equal on any ground. Give a listen. And, if anyone out there happens to have their debut, 1984, I'd love to hear that! Peace.

Featuring Sunset Leagues


  1. Hi, i don't know if you're still interested but the 1984 record, but i think i got it, i can check it tomorrow if ya still want it (i'm not sure though i got the orginal tape version of 1996 or the 2004 cdr reissue...) ? tell me..peace.

  2. Hey Thirdman, I'd still love to get that album, either the og tape or the reissue. Thanks so much for coming through!