Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Maybe Your Brain's Been Baked By The Sun
This is the second single released by Volume 10 from his album Hip-Hopera, and frankly it's a strange choice as the follow-up to the earthquake that was "Pistol-Grip Pump". Where "Pistol-Grip" was one of the loudest, most aggressive tracks in hip hop at the time, "Sunbeams" was the exact opposite: Subdued, laid back, and mellow, complete with hippyish backwards guitar lick. Looking back, this poor choice for a follow-up must have alienated a lot of potential fans looking for a sequel to Volume's bombastic debut. Especially woeful is that Hip-Hopera had plenty of other choice cuts on it that would have worked better as a follow-up than "Sunbeams" - "Knockoutchaskull," "Home Alone," and the title track, all come to mind. Even the B-side, "Where's the Sniper," would have been a better fit.
But, for better or worse, "Sunbeams" is what we got, and even though it's a damn fine song, there's no way it could live up to its predecessor - even with the inclusion of the beefed-up remix by the Baka Boyz. However, if you can look past the comparisons, this is classic single from a vital era of hip hop. And really, even a mediocre track from Volume's debut album is still way doper than your moms. Aw, snap.

Sunbeams 12"


  1. Yeah, you are right but I would gladly have seen a Fat Jack instrumental off the album like "A real freestyle" or "Tricks'n'Hoes".

  2. Sunbeams is one of my favorite songs from this email me