Friday, June 18, 2010


Man, I'm really digging all the requests for stuff... Keep it up, folks!
Much like his Crew Cuts series, this collection by Tommy V features a ton of underground Cali artists. In fact, some of the songs here can be found on those tapes, but on Quarter Life Crisis everything's been cleaned up and mastered. You'd think that with Tommy's hang-dog lyrical style and penchant for murky, dollar-bin (and by "dollar bin," I mean "awesome") beats, the cleaner sound would be detrimental to his vibe, but that's not the case at all. With the amount of care that he put into mastering all this, you can tell this is how he wanted these recordings to sound. With that in mind, here is some laid-back and beautiful music from this unique and crucial artist.

1/4 Life Crisis


  1. Hey, Jack, just wanna ask for a request.
    Would be great if you could up The Distance 12" from Torche of the First Brigade and/or Big Archie's Do Fa Me 12", of course only if you have 'em.

  2. hey this is treidoiunu

    I have the torche´s the distance

    I-ll send them to Jack in a week or so

  3. Woow, many thanks for it mayne!


  4. Thanks a lot, Trei! That's very cool.

  5. here is the link 4 heavyweighter torche - the distance VLS
    Cover will follow as soon as I lay my hands on a scanner or a camera
    this is my first digitalization of a vinyl so please show a little sympathy :) quality is all right though

  6. and as a couple of bonuses (I´m sure you´ll also enjoy these) here are
    Otherwize ft. Peace - That´s Wize / Hey Young World 7"

    and Freestyle Fellowship - Temptations Instrumentals

    Hey Meee, did you ever get your hands on that Naptron - Tragedy 12"? It was on hhv but it´s sold out...lemme know please if you have it.

    Nathan, feel free to put these links in a thread, if you want (or whatever it´s called on a blog).


  7. Dude, you're amazing! I can't wait to hear that Torche, and the other stuff's going to be right behind it.
    I'm sure you've just made a lot of people very happy.
    Peace my friend,