Monday, May 31, 2010

Run The Show

Mr. Supreme of the Conmen

Mr. Supreme makes some amazing beats, as this double A-sided 12" attests. The A-side, featuring Al'Tariq, is a bouncy, funky track reminiscent of Babu at his best. The flipside is what kills it for me, though. "Livin' My Life," with its vibe-heavy, street-wise melancholy tone, evokes the weariness and hardship depicted in the Chrome Kidz' tale perfectly. It's a track I can listen to again and again.
Supreme is a staple in the annals of Northwest hip hop, so more will be shared about him here, no doubt. For now, listen to this great 12".

Run/Livin 12"


  1. sweet...thanks alot.
    do you have any of these?
    panda one-a's to q's 12''
    animal pharm-vaccine 12'',you will lose ep
    name-artist of the yeah 12''
    click tha supah latin-sandstorm 12''
    persevere-my low in strains 12''
    sub contents-death becomes her 12''ellay khule-faces of def 7''
    the 1 shanti-deadline 12''
    smut peddlers 1by 1 12''
    these are just a few of the ones im looking for.
    let me know what you need and i might have it.
    i have a huge music collection.

  2. I may have some of this stuff... let me take a look! I know I have the track "You Will Lose", but not the entire ep...Interested?
    I'll check the vaults for any of the others listed.

    Apart from what's on my want list, I'm looking for any of the old FTA tapes, and old Tommy V tapes (dust collector, manual labor pains, homeless tea party, etc). also any goodlife/blowed demos/live recordings not already in circulation...

  3. these are the tommy v that ive got...
    4 track folklore
    quarter life crisis
    how many mcs/shoot for the dirt 7''
    fresh produce
    crew cuts vol 1 & 2

  4. Hey could I get Fresh Produce off you? That would be awesome!


    Here ya go...
    Tommy v fresh produce

  6. Dude thanks! Looking forward to hearing this...

  7. Jack Devo - awol and the gang would appreciate your efforts.

    I have some Tommy V you'd totally trip out on - put up quarter life crisis and I'll hook you up w/ some oldies but goodies'

  8. hi, ive been looking for this release a lot, before i purchase it, can you re-up it please?

    files is pretty much corrupted, thanks a lot for your time anyway

  9. Could you re-up this please. File is fucked.

  10. New link is posted for a new file- thanks for lettin me know!