Monday, May 17, 2010

Ghetto Life CD

Ghetto God: I Smooth 7
Thanks to Gfunk over at G-Funk and Rap Reviews, this album, which previously had only circulated as an unmastered tape rip, made its cd-quality debut: I smooth 7's Ghetto Life, professionally mastered, featuring some different beats, and with bonus tracks! Unfortunately, the horrible album cover didn't get a facelift, but you don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
This album is a great piece of mid-'90's gangsta. Produced by master producers Battlecat, DJ Slip, and Fat Jack, Ghetto Life seemed like it had all the right ingredients to be a big seller, but for whatever reason, Mad Sounds Recordings decided to shelve it. It's ridiculous when you listen to the record, as it has some insanely good tracks.
The crews Black Clan and Ghetto Gods feature heavily on this album, as do several other Goodlife veterans. Virtually no information can be found about these cats online, so I thought I'd do my best to break down who appears on what tracks.
First of all, Black Clan, according to Smooth 7, consists of himself, Stress, Mr. Man (or Mad?), Mista Mad Pup, Happy Face and DK Toon. Ghetto Gods consists of Smooth 7 and DK Toon.
OK? So now here's the track list, as best as I can figure it.

1. Intro
2. So Much Love
3. Ghetto Life
4. Coolin N Da Ghetto feat Mista Mad Pup
5. Interlude
6. Nina
7. What's the Real feat Happy Face and Mr. Man
8. Thought You'd Be Here feat. Abstract Rude
9. I Smooth 7
10. Interlude
11. Going All Out
12. Kings & Queens feat. DK Toon, Medusa, and Mista Mad Pup
13. Witness a Death feat. DK Toon, Mista Mad Pup
14. Love 4 Tha Ghetto
15. Sets In The West feat. Happy Face, DK Toon, Mr. Man
16. Interlude
17. Strugglin; feat. Ganjah K, Minister 2Bad, Lil Juggsta, Volume 10, and Abstract Rude
18. My Hood In The Summertime feat. DK Toon

If anyone out there has more definitive information, please let me know! The above info is based solely on guessing...

Ghetto Life CD Version

And here's the original tape version, for all you completists out there.

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