Thursday, May 27, 2010

Da Nomadic

Nomad: His Chi Is Mad Thick

"Blessed 2 Mic Check," the wax debut from Nomad Da Nomadic, is a quintessential slab of NW wax, and in many ways typified the Seattle area hip hop scene in the late nineties. What that means is basically it was hella dope and you missed it.
With production by Mr. Supreme on the title cut, and DJ Sayeed and DJ Swift on the two B-sides, this record is sonically tight - especially Sayeed's track "Da Movement," which happens to feature Sayeed's group Black Anger. "Shantae," Swift's slower number, comes with its own bonus, as it's blessed by local heroine Felicia Loud on the hook.
Nomad has no problems holding his own amid all this greatness, and in fact his direct and gritty flow is surprisingly complimentary to the bombastic delivery of Black Anger and Felicia's gorgeous crooning. Likewise, the beats fit Nomad's style perfectly, especially Swift's dark and sedated track, with it's murky organ and vibe loops.
From here, Nomad went on to release a couple 12's in 2000 and 2001, as well as a full-length in 2001. His entire output is strong, and worth tracking down. In the meantime, give this record a listen. From '98.

Blessed VLS


  1. do you have mr supremes "run the show" 12
    with al tariq???