Monday, April 5, 2010

Veganz Want Beef

The Sickest, The Sickest, Crazy-Mad Psychos The Slickest
One word: Sleazy.
To elucidate: One illa crew album from BLX (Bassline Xcursionists), featuring a bunch of great lyricists throwing caution and morality to the wind. This album is sick, nasty and hilarious - Luther Campbell would be proud. Omni, Otherwize, Zig ESP, Mol Man, Black Silver, Resek, Universal, and Mum's the Word, among others, leave their slimy trails all over this release.
You want this beef.

Veganz Want Beef


  1. u r right... this album is crazy. I wasn't sure what i thought when i first heard it but its pretty good.

  2. This cd was dope. Gershwin BLX was a really dope crew. Thx for this! I had this cd back when but my ride got jacked and I lost a grip of cds, this among them.

  3. thx so much for this! i have some stuff you might miss (or not)...
    tapes and vinyl...
    leave me your mail@ and lets connect..

    kind regards from germany!

  4. Hey Anonymous from Germany! Thanks for connecting! You can reach me at

    Peace be with you