Sunday, April 4, 2010

R.E.A.L. Ghetto Soldiers

Stranger and Wolfish: R.E.A.L.
If you know the name R.E.A.L., it's probably due to Fat Jack's legendary Cater To The DJ album. The sibling duo of Stranger and Wolfish had not one but two coveted spots on that comp, and for good reason. They came with two of the strongest cuts on that record, and it wasn't due to lyrical density or emcee acrobatics (which is what that album, and Project Blowed in general, is known for); on the contrary, R.E.A.L. stood out due to the restraint and straight-forwardness of their craft. The craft being flow. They have it like no other act out there. And listening to their music you can hear the dedication they have to their craft. There is a disarmingly effortless quality to it, which only comes with passion for the art. And one thing is certain, they are a couple of pros at this - it's as if they're in each other's heads. The outcome of this is that their voices collectively are unmistakable, but I can never tell when one emcee ends and the other begins. Stranger and Wolfish play off each other in such a subtle and tight form that it's no wonder for years I thought R.E.A.L. was only one man. It's also no wonder they named a later record of theirs The Art Of Flow.
Immortalized is their debut EP from 2000. The two tracks from Cater are here, as well as two other bangers. It's a great introduction, or reintroduction, to this awesome team.



  1. Big ups to those brothers Stanger and Wolfish. I have been listening to the R.E.A.L. for years. Probably the most underrated crew in the rap game. Why does every region seem to hate L.A. rap. R.E.A.L. would be the perfect ambassadors for the Westcoast/L.A. rap scene. Dope video on youtube, R.E.A.L. Stranger "da hood". Wolfish's "Cactus Water" on Itunes is definitely a keeper. Peace, Real Fan 4life

  2. Nice, glad there are people down with it!

    LA's always had a bad rap, since the early days. it's ridiculous. I'll never understand it, LA has more hip hop innovators that I can count.

    I'll have to check out that video, and thanks for the Wolfish recommendation - I've had my eye on that album for a lil bit!

  3. Big up to R.E.A.L Wolfish Stranger.Check out R.E.A.L Wolfish Cactus Water at .Stranger the hood video at family.On 4/20 Wolfish Stranger live at ubs in mesa az.Get info at will be performing new hits off the cactus water album.1love peace!

  4. It's amazing that there are still new things to explore on the Cater To The DJ after so many years! Until you post this up, I thought that R.E.A.L. is only one person.

    Thanks for the knowledge!

  5. And I have to admit, that there are so many dope releases out that it is often hard to spend the time on analyzing every release, the way it deserves. I'm ashamed about myself!

  6. I know what you mean, and especially when it's become so easy to acquire music. Back in the old days, when I had to buy a cd or dub a tape, the time and money spent made me feel obligated to listen again and again. Now it's become too easy to let a record I find online to go unnoticed, without giving it a thorough listen.