Thursday, April 15, 2010


Awol One: Forever MC'ing 'Til The Night He Retires
Records Broken/Celestial release "NME" from Awol One and Mike Nardone. This was my first exposure to Awol One's grumbly-old-man style after "Little Piece of Heaven" from Beneath the Surface. I really dug that track, but I wasn't about to get my hopes up for this 12". What I loved about "Little Piece" was how weary and stark it was. Awol sounded like he had one foot in the grave, and OD provided that elliptical, redundant beat that complimented Awol's exercise in existential futility to a T. It sounded like a fluke, and I just assumed that Awol One couldn't, and more likely wouldn't want to, keep up that level of buzz-kill in the future. It would just be too good to be true.
How wrong I was! Little did I know is that's what Awolrus is all about. He's the 1,000 year-old MC, getting up every day and doing his stupid thing, although every arthritic bone in his body is screaming at him to give up and die already. This is what I loved about "Little Piece of Heaven" and here he was on this 12", essentially repeating the story three more times, adopting the role of Sisyphus for all the 90's Gen X slackers out there. How perfect.
"NME", "Sleepin' All Day" and the haunting "Skye" are a perfect snapshot of Awol One's message, style and delivery. He mumbles along about death, lack of ambition, and self-loathing (with a healthy dose of apocalyptic imagery); while Mike Nardone provides ragged, sloppy beats that fit the mood as well as OD's did on "Little Piece". Kool Keith and 2MEx do what they can to liven the mood on the title cut, but it's a short lived attempt. It's like trying to raise the dead.

So I love this 12". I wound up playing this a ton after I got it. And when I played it for my friends, and they said he was just doing the same thing over and over, I just had to laugh.

NME 12"


  1. Nice,thanks man.
    i have the back cover of this 12'' tattooed on my upper arm.
    i sent a photo to awol one and he liked it.
    no lawsuits yet.

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  3. I wish I could help you out on some of those, but I got nothin'! Thanks for the link, Imacheckit.