Monday, March 8, 2010

Shit's Stranger Than Science

The Youth of Today

Continuing on with the Shape Shifters thang... Sorry, I've been waiting for the right moment to unleash my nerditude regarding this crew for quite some time...Planet of the Shapes shares much of the same madness apparent with it's successor Know Future. The science fiction and conspiracy theories are as present as ever, complete with appropriate sonic backdrop - the cheezy horror movie samples, the weird sound effects, and the devolutions into white noise and incomprehensible radio transmissions - and Circus is again very much at the helm of this starship. In fact the only noticeable difference between this album and Know Future is that Planet of the Shapes isn't crawling with as many lyricists. Yes, as weird as it sounds, the Shape Shifters keep pretty much to themselves on this one. (Which is an absurd statement, as the 'Shifters have traditionally had an ever-shifting [no pun intended] line up. At one point, Circus said that all you need to be a Shape Shifter is to give him 20 bucks... )
But it's true, Planet is a surprisingly insular project. Circus is joined lyrically by fellow 'Shifters Mek, Radioinactive, Shumagorath, Awol One, Die, Akuma, and Transducer, with the only guests being Nonaim and Himnal from Darkleaf (which is Shumagorath's old crew, for those who need to know). But don't let that lead you to believe that this record is any more cohesive than Know Future. Believe you me, this is just as crazy as that record, which is quite an accomplishment. Together, Planet of the Shapes and Know Future (as well as Gangstahz Fo Gawd and Four Eyed Mortalz) represent to the fullest what I consider the great, lost Shape Shifters sound.

Planet of the Shapes


  1. I think that this album is more sick than Know Future but probably it's because I often heard the Know Future in the past...

  2. man this shit takes me back... i had a lot of shifters on tape before this. but its the first SS album i BOUGHT, and i will admit at first i was a little dissapointed i was really hoping for a SS krew cd not a circus solo album. but it does have its bright spots and eventually it made its way into the rotation. but now as with most my old cds i still have the covers but no discs, for one reason or another, so thanx for the trip back in time to another dimension... of dimensia.

  3. New AVATAR album featuring some Shifters...

  4. Tribal and Specs, Crew Clockwise stuff...i got some and more