Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Air?

Originally posted by Will Johnsen over at The Musik Lounge:

TML Radio: Seattle Special

The show Saturday didn't record and it's a shame cause we had a special guest in. But Mr. Jack Devo of Bring That Beat Back hit me with some tunes and I put together a special Seattle edition of TML Radio for y'all! Featuring 10 tracks from Jack by artists in the town in the 90s and 10 (plus an extra remix) from me by the current crop of talent, we weave a story of Seattle Hip Hop then and now. Peruse the track list and get the podcast!

DOWNLOAD TML Radio: Seattle Special

Jake One ft. Kutfather "No Introdeezy"
The Good Sin, Young TH, JusMoni & Tay Sean "Turn You On"
The Flood "Purple Rollin"
J. Pinder & Spaceman "SXSW/CMJ"
The Silent Lambs Project "Comrade"
Grynch "Biological Didn't Bother 2010"
The Ghetto Children ft. Truth "I Wanna win"
Helladope ft. Isabella Du Graf "Gods on a Mission"
Elevators "Elevator Music"
Brainstorm "Blameyaself"
Source of Labor & Beyond Reality "SOLBR"
THEESatisfaction "Pause"
Black Anger Movement "206 Mix Tapes (Worldwide)"
Kung Foo Grip ft. Brothers From Another "Kids In The Mall"
Doublevision "My Pleasure"
State of the Artist ft. Helladope & Jarv Dee "Extrahelladope"
Phat Mob "Wrong Number"
Michael Dean "1day"
Sharpshooters "Trust No One"
Goodie Mob "Free (Astronomar Remix)"
Fresh Espresso "Vader Rap (OC Notes Remix)"

DOWNLOAD TML Radio: Seattle Special

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  1. Great to hear you made it to a radio show!
    I can't wait to hear, what you two have made...

    That's something I could need, too. An experienced person who can teach me the art of mixing tracks.