Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nomad Da Nomadic

Sedated Thoughts

From 2000, this is the sophomore 12" by Seattle emcee Nomad da Nomadic. This is one of my personal favorites in the 206 section. Nomad is a Northwest cat through and through - his flow is heavy-footed and grimey, and his top notch beats on these three tracks (by Jake One, Bean One and Proh Mic) are mid-tempo, dusty and rough. There are no tricks here. No ironic raps in double-time, no clever pop-culture samples, no guests emcees to dilute what he has to say. Nomad delivers his message straight to your head in plain language. This release sums up what I love about the oldschool Northwest scene: In an era of hip hop known for its unchecked expansion and wild experimentation, this record remains understated, direct, and wholly refreshing because of it.

Sedated Thoughts 12"

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