Monday, March 15, 2010

Noise Pollution

What You Need

Bay area king Young Joseph of San Francisco Street Music, aka Joe Dub, made this great tape back in '99. Noise Pollution is anything but what its name implies: For a 4-track production, this is a smooth release. Joe Dub's delivery is akin to a rubber band, loose and flexible, and his crate-digging beats have always been brilliant. Joe is joined by Alex 75 (also from SFSM) on many of the soulful beats, and he managed to assemble one of the best line-ups of lyricists any album could hope to offer. It's a testament to the esteem held for this producer/emcee that continues to this day. Abstract Rude, Neila, the Shape Shifters, Tommy V, Subtitle, and JESFSM, among others, all make their presence known here.One of many dope Joe Dub productions, and one of my all-time favorite west coast tapes.

Noise Pollution

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  1. Very nice tape!
    I also like "Rossi nights and Malibu mornings"