Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Mystics

Remnants Of A Lost Culture
I found this west coast Cali release in a K-Mart in Billings, Montana, on a cross-country road trip back in 2001. At the time I had a horrible head cold, I was sick of the car radio, and just wanted to hear something new. Seeing this release, with M.A.T.T.S' (who had previously produced for Jizzm), Ab Rude's and Medusa's familiar names in the credits, I forked over the gas money and took it with me. Now, whenever I think of this group I think of being miserable in Billings (take this how you will).
The 8-man group The Mystics are actually a conglomeration of two crews and two emcees: Okie Doke and Express Fresh being the solo lyricists, with Nonhuman Intelligence (made up of Prizm, Abyss and Dimension) and Phantom Zone (made up of M.A.T.T.S. and Fourever). The result of this union is this tight crew record, featuring solo tracks, group cuts, and posse cuts. The music is crisp, clean and understated, leaving ample space for the emcees to stretch out. They enlist the help of a number of guests along the way, including the afore-mentioned Ab Rude and Medusa, as well as Rahzel, Imani from the Pharcyde, and Super Natural from Alien Nation.
Listening to it again, I should really work on getting some better associations with this record, because it bumps. Check it out.

Remnants Of A Lost Culture

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