Friday, March 19, 2010

From the Barrio With Love

Put the Dirty Hippy's Song Last.

This compilation from Darkroom Familia dropped in 95, and featured a selection of typical west coast gangsta indicative of the era. That's not saying anything negative about the music, except that a lot of it was going around at the time. However, tacked at the end of this six-song EP is an awkward, clunky, and very un-gangsterish track credited to OMD - Of Mexican Descent. Strangely enough, Xololanxinxo is nowhere to be heard, and 2Mex states at the beginning of the track that it's actually a Songodsuns song. So whatever. Either OMD or Songods, this is possibly the earliest official release by 2Mex.
No producer credits are available, but "Songs of the Big Sky" sounds suspiciously like it's using an Awol One beat.

From the Barrio EP

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  1. yeah..i got this one too.....that track is fucking ill