Sunday, March 21, 2010

Extraordinary Vandals

Used To Rock Sirs Hunted, Now We Just Fly Low Like Birds Blunted

The Ex Vandalz proved with this release that they are much more than just an offshoot of the Shape Shifters. In fact, for having such close affiliations with that eclectic crew, the Vandalz keep it remarkably down to earth. You won't hear any of Circus' conspiracy theories or alien abduction stories here; likewise, you won't hear any space-beats from Asmar or Transducer. This group is more interested in the oldchool subject matter. This is Beat Streat mixed with Wild Style to the Shifters' Close Encounters and Star Wars - The Ex Vandalz make it clear they are are only concerned with b-boying and graf writing.
Perk One, Mek One, and Bleek (three og Shifters and CBS writers), along a seemingly endless revolving-door cast of dope emcees and producers, make up the Ex Vandalz crew. Perk is the obvious nucleus here. His delivery is robust, loud and direct, and it's clear he sets the tone for the rest to follow. And it's due in large part to his endless ingenuity for classic references and fresh analogies to b-boy culture that makes the songs so successful. He's truly an artist that can paint pictures with his words. The Vandalz are joined on this release by a host of other capable lyricists, including Rakaa-Iriscience of Dilated, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo, Ellay Khule, and various Shape Shifters. They all share space on this release with producers Meck, Dj Lime, Deeskee, Joe Dub and Avatar. With so many talented cooks in the mix, it means there isn't a dull moment to be found. It also makes it a great record. As a testament to that, when I first picked this up it didn't leave the player all summer.

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