Sunday, March 28, 2010


Dj 'D aka The Highlife Movement

Producer Dj D created this beautiful 4-track collage of field recordings, beats, vocal samples, and freestyles under the moniker The Highlife Movement on the Massmen Records label. Released during the underground hip hop explosion of the late 90s, this album is unique from the thousands of lo-fi records from that time both conceptually and creatively - not to mention musically. Although passionate voices are often heard on ...Estuary, the focus doesn't fall on them. Instead, they are only part of the the aural tapestry Dj 'D weaves with this record. He isn't interested in forcing his ideas on the listener; he's merely presenting his abstract art and letting them figure it out for themselves.
The sounds here flow and drift together, beats fade in and out, and sampled voices from Howard Zinn to Mike Tyson compete with freestyled verses from notable talents like Mikah 9, Lady Blue, Aceylone and Abstract Rude. 'D holds it all together masterfully, creating a cohesive unit from all these disparate parts through his signature pixelated loops, and through an impeccable sense of ebb and flow.
These are classic sounds. This album stands as yet another testament of the versatility and creativity evident during an incredibly fertile era of hip hop.


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