Monday, March 8, 2010

Diablos Y Brujas

The Real Underworld

This second installment from the Three Eyed Cowz is a looser, more inebriated, and darker record than The Evil Cow Burger. Although the album is credited to Awol One and Dj Esp, and although there are numerous guests, Awol sounds totally alone on this one. Throughout the record, he raps like he's whispering drunken freestyles from the corner of his room in the middle of the night, afraid to wake his family up. Listen to his muted delivery on "Freestyles Alike Twice Removed", or the exhaustion present in his voice on "Perfection On Lies." Then there's the grittiness and realism portrayed on "The Real Underworld" and "Permanent Paradice". Even the instrumental tracks are distant, cold, and ominous.
It's due to this dark quality that makes Four Eyed Mortalz my favorite Awol One record. His delivery has always been tired and world-weary, and the sympathetic tone of this record does nothing but enhance that vibe. He's never sounded more at home than with ESP's empty, backwards murky bass guitar on "Perfection On Lies", or buried amid the distortion on the hideously-recorded "2:00 AM Live!". His freestyle on "Weeds Are Bloomin" meanders, flounders, and almost derails; but it's a perfect fit for the mood of the record. Deliberately, this music isn't designed to rock the crowd. This is for afterwords, when the party's over and you're back home and the drugs are wearing off. It's the perfect lonely album from an artist who calls himself the 1,000 year old emcee.

Four Eyed Mortalz


  1. yo...

    C.V.E. - Gotta Come Up (1999):

    i just found your blog and must say it is pretty sick. i have been looking for orko's doomsday prophet for a long time because i have always heard it was sickness. thanks for making it available.

    i was in contact with another blog called and provided them with some music i think would fit on yours as well. it's underground and from san diego like orko as well.

    if you go to coldrockdaspot there is a write up on this music.

    keep up the good work... your blog is off the hook!

  2. JD Wrote; "Deliberately, this music isn't designed to rock the crowd."

    This was always a headphones album for me.. Also my favorite AWOL One record.

  3. Jack, do you by any chance have DJ ESP's Variations on 519-16 mixtape? If you do and could post it up, it'd be greatly appreciated