Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Too Much Posse (A Request)

I came across this embarrassment of riches a while back and thought I should share. The entire GPAC crew discog plus soulseek compilation of rare tracks. Thanks go to ANU for the original post of this!

Phlowtation Devices
98 Unheard
Unheard To the Third Degree


Global Phlow Discog


  1. Whassup Jack,
    I was always interested in the thing, who is who on the front cover of Phlowtations Devices.
    Only realized Mikah 9, Sach, Adlib and Zagu...
    Perhaps you can help me:)
    And dont know why is Mikah on the cover if he hasnt no verses on the album... Or maybe am I deaf?


  2. Haha Mikah is on the cover to CVE Declassified too.. Instant credibility I guess. I'm gonna give it another listen to see if he appears..
    This end-of-the-millenium-awareness-armageddon rap is among my fave subgenres.. Those "Alien Nation" recs are gold too.. Thanks JD, & ANU..

  3. On the cover: I'm almost positive that Inoe is in the top left corner, and I think that's Nairb in bottom center and Imeuswe is bottom right (is that a girl? can't tell from the photo). That leaves Samson, Ambush, Okito...but there are only two more faces, so go figure. And I think Mikah only dropped rhymes on 98 Unheard.

    On the Declassified cover, I think the entire Fellowship is depicted, and ATU also. And from what I've heard only Jupiter is featured on the actual album. Go figure.

  4. Sick albums... but this link aint workin for me, dont know why... is there another one?? i came across this on westcoast rareness a while back too but that link didnt work for me either, is this the same link??


    it works

  6. hey guy's I'm here to help!! since i was such great friends with this crew of dope individuals I kindly can help with two things....okay the easy one first only the original copy of the professionally made tape that they sold at Blowed had the 13track called "No Evidence No Blame" featured Mikah 9 and it is such a sick track that I had to grab my tape!!! Haha well for those of us that have it bump it most dont! Anyways so from lets say top left of the photo above are as follow [T=Top] TL- Sampson TM- Mikah 9 TR- Kito [M=Middle] ML- Nairb MCenter- Zagu MR- Adlib [B=Bottom] BL- Sach BM- Imiuswi BR- Nick Da Rula

  7. GPAC is still underground, overground everywhere ROCKIN!!
    As a correction, Nick the Ruler is not pictured but the photo bottom right is Cliff Wright- Los Angeles notable, dancer, emcee.
    BTW- Imiuswi plays with a live band releasing a 11 song live studio recording entitled Uprising.
    Checkit, Checkit out