Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In answer to a request. I can't say anything about this record that hasn't already been said by a million other people, so I'll just say I like it a great deal. Link ganked from elsewhere.



  1. one of the first hip hop tapes i had, a true classick... Cant wait for the new fellowship album to drop, this year if you havent heard... WE WILL NEVER FALL THE FUCK OFF WE PROMISE!!!!

    haha DOPE!!

  2. AWESOME! If FF is actually coming out with a new record I will definitely buy that one, hopefully it will be better than "temptations" which seemed to lack that group dynamic that made their other studio albums rock so hard... Promising to never fall the fuck off is like promising to never grow old..

  3. Eloquently put... I'm not much of a temptations fan myself, except that it was nice to hear Jupiter, but I'm still way excited four them to be back together.

  4. yeah temptations was weak when you consider how good it Could have been, theres just not enough peace for me... dont get me wrong there are a couple of nice tracks like Ghetto youth, Hilcrest, No hooks... but i still prefer "Shockadoom" its a 8 song album released before temptations that has every member on every song, exept the last one which is just peace...

    Im uploading it right now so if you want to hear it i got that and i'll post up the link right here, cool jack?...

    i just hope the new album is more like "shock" and less like "temp"...

  5. here is "Shockadoom"

    track 1. Can u Find?
    track 2. Shockadoom
    track 3. On The Run
    track 4. Desperate
    track 6. Freestyle
    track 7. We Will Never
    track 8. Got The Feelin (peace)








    there you go, enjoy...

  6. Yeah, good look on Shockadoom..

    1. Who flows between Mikah and Acey on Innercity Boundaries??

    2. Krazy Bone must've listened to this record 8 million times to emulate 1 of Mikah's styles.

  7. thats Daddy-O on boundaries... And as for bone (biters) thugs just listen to mikah 9's part on mary and tell me they didnt base there whole style on ONE of his flows hahaha "come follow me, come follow me"...

    "bone thugs leave the style alone duds/before you get washed with these suds"... Ab Rude on wake up show.

    watch "This Is The Life" a documentary on the Good Life Cafe the origin of so many styles and MC's, most of which have been bittin in one way or another... my favorite part is the story about the time fat joe was booed off stage for spitten some wack written shit haha check it out though they mention bone thugs being biters...