Sunday, February 28, 2010


All Deadly Jizzm High Definition MC

There are a number of truly crucial and classic albums that are included in the LA Good Life/Project Blowed circle. Freestyle Fellowship's To Whom It May Concern and Innercity Griots are a couple. Volume 10's Hip Hopera and The Nonce's World Ultimate are a couple more. Project Blowed, Beneath the Surface, Cater To the DJ, Declassified, etc... You get the picture. Jizzm's Illasophic Vol. 1.5 is another, if overlooked, record that deserves to be credited among the greats. This 1998 expansion of the original Illasopic Vol 1 tape plays like a crash-course in late '90's LA underground 101, with MC Jizzm acting as the only constant. Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, ATU, Kali 9, Anonymous, Blak Forest, Beneath the Surface, Shape Shifters, Onomatopoeia, Brothers Manifesto, The Mystics, GPAC, CVE, and OMD are among the various crews representing on this 20-track cd. I bought this at the awesome Seattle indie hip hop shop Jam Records back when I was just beginning to dip my feet into the "underground hip hop movement", and it remains to me a testament to the amazing pool of talent LA and Project Blowed had to offer. Beyond that, it demonstrates what a ingenuitive battler and poetic emcee Jizzm can be. This is classic material; not to be missed. If you haven't yet heard this album, now is the time.


Illasophic Vol. 1.5 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

MC Class

Something Funky For You

This is a rare one. Seattle rapper MC Class released this classic NW tape back in '93. Recorded at Shoreline Community College just north of Seattle (and where I went to school for audio engineering), these six songs evoke hip hop's golden age. Guest emcee Legacy shows up on one track.

Brother From the Projects

Asop the Sup 1

Area 1 Secret File #10174 - Supa

Asop Meets the Black Wolf is an interesting addition to the Asop discography. There's no info on it, no track list, no producer credits, and no date. It's 12 tracks in length. I found this at Amoeba Records in Berkeley back in '98 or '99, so it must be from around that time.

Asop Meets the Black Wolf 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Must I Scream When I Want To Speak About It

Wisdom From a Lyrical Heavyweight

Ill, overlooked gem from Project Blowed Heavyweight Nefertiti, bringing that rare early 90's LA dopeness. I don't know much about her career, or this album, so I'll keep my rambling brief. Produced by DJ Pooh, Suede, Guru, and others. From 1994, during the renaissance of hip hop.

Thanks to Etalon for this.

L.I.F.E. (Living In Fear Of Extinction)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like

Existereo, Met Fly, and Paris Zax

The Overfiends spin gritty low-life poetry from the all-night diners, cheap hotels, dive bar backrooms and empty streets of some retro/futuristic Hollywood. Extra sleazy stuff. Aural VD. They get assistance along the way from a bunch of their 'Shifter cohorts, including Circus, Akuma, Liferexall, Dierkt, Doc Lewd, Subtitle, Awol, Blackbyrd, and Innaspace. Since then, Met Fly has gone on to some notoriety under the name Andre Legacy. It's an excellent, overlooked release in the Shape Shifter canon. Check it out. From 2002.

Motel California

Megabusive's Megalomistress

Searching For The Megalomistress

From Intrepid Colorwayz:

Bizarre to think this shit is approaching fifteen-years old. Not like ‘97 is the Paleolithic era, but yeah. Megabusive’s steez here is indicative of how peculiar and insular the local scene was then. Raw drum machine aesthetics are in full-effect. If you currently reside in or are from San Jose/the Bay Area this might bring back a few memories.

Searching for the Megalomistress

A Disturbance In the Force

This was a promotional single Celestial Records put out in conjunction with the first installment of the 2nd Star Wars trilogy. Phoenix Orion and Hive are a winning team, as this 12" proves. Sci-hop in full effect.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Choked Up

Shadow records was a great label. In the time they were around, they managed to introduce some of the most memorable and enduring acid jazz records to the American audience. DJ Krush had his American debut with his album Krush, as did DJ Cam's Mad Blunted Jazz. Funki Porcini, 9 Lazy 9, Dj Food, and Up, Bustle, and Out were just a few other notable names on Shadow's roster.
Shadow was distinctive. Not only did they cater to a specific audience who was into trendy, late-90's trip hop and acid jazz, their releases were easy to spot, as they came in distinctive brown cardboard gatefold covers. That made it easy for collectors like me to spot them. So, although the Sharpshooters were a US group, I probably wouldn't have known about them if they hadn't been part of the Shadow Records family. Even if I did live in the same city as them.
The Sharpshooters were a duo consisting of Seattle producers Mr. Supreme and DJ Sureshot. Supreme distributed their work on his own indie hip hop label, Conception Records. And, although they were local, Conception at that time was just starting, and had some steam to build still. So, it was through a distribution deal with a label that specialized in waking up American audiences to foreign artists that I heard about a group and label that lived a couple miles from me.
Their sophomore release, Choked Up, is a cool, blunted slab of jazzy hip hop. Flutes, saxes, and vibes dominate the mix as much as the drum loops do, creating a smoky blend of coffee-house jazz hop. Vocal guests including Four Fifths, Mad Fanatic, and Kylea from Beyond Reality add flavor to a few select tracks.
I have an idea. Do yourself a favor; save this record for the summer. Put this on a playlist along with other like-minded albums of the time (Krush's self-titled record, Digable Planets' Blowout Comb, and Guru's Jazzmatazz vol.2 are good recommendations). Find something pretty to look at. Then sit back in the evening, let the records play, and see where you go.

Choked Up

Monday, February 22, 2010

It Was Written

Full Time Artist
The 1998 debut by the maybe-deceased, maybe-alive Megabusive is an 808-heavy, rough, four track brick of gold. Featuring fellow FTA member Smash Adams, and Mega's own unmistakable voice, this is 30 minutes of classic material - if you haven't delved into this rapper's music yet then I highly suggest you peep. I wish hip hop still sounded like this! Side one is written, side two is styled.

Written By...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You Better Mind Your Table Manners, Boy

Say Grace
Another 206 Tribal production. Vitamin D wears many hats, as a rapper and producer, and here he steps to the front to showcase his exceptional deejay skills. This is an excellent break record. Not only does he dig from his extensive collection, but superstar producer Jake One brings a few slabs to add to the table while some friends drop by to style over the top. B-Self (Vitamin's partner in Ghetto Chilldren), I-Self Divine from the Micranots, Wordsayer from Source of Labor, Sinsemilla's H-Bomb, Samson S of Samson and Swift, Silas Blak of Blind Council/Silent Lambs, D-Uneek from PHAT Mob, and ShoNuff all attend, making this already crucial Tribal release even sicker. This is truly a hidden gem, not to be missed. From '99.
Now, if anyone out there as Table Manners 1...

Table Manners 2

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Khryce Has Risen

Celestial 12" with Cyphus France, Retsam and Napton the Meta Predator. Both the title track and "Beat Biter" are hot slabs. Yet again, Celestial delivers. Some day I'll dig out my vinyl copy and actually scan a decent image. Promise.

Sic Sinphony 12"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Legendary hip hop/d'n'b hybrid mixtape by producer Hive, featuring freestyles by Phoenix Orion, Naptron and P.E.A.C.E. Another classic Celestial Records bangalanga.
Thanks go to Mr. Gold for upping this.


Hip Hop 2023

Bright Red Vulgarity

Thavius Beck aka Adlib of Global Phlowtations
An early instrumental effort by the mad genius Adlib. Here he brings his cluttered and murky beats familiar to any GPAC fan to the fore, and combines them with repeated chants and radio chatter to form serious head trips. This is experimental and raw and pushes the boundaries of hip hop, without punishing the listener. It's an awesome album, not to be overlooked. From 2000.

Experience Experiments

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's the Monsters That Gods Built

Jace and Blak = The Silent Lambs Project

I always thought that if this album dropped in any other city it would have been a huge, huge hit. Likewise if it had dropped a couple years after its release. But in 2000, Seattle was still off the hip hop radar, and the Silent Lambs unfortunately were just too far ahead of their time.
The Silent Lambs Project (Jace and Blak) were the culmination of years of underground hip hop growth in the emerald city. You can hear their voices on the early Seattle compilations, over the grey, murky, rainy musical backdrop, but when they joined forces as Silent Lambs they took that bleak, damp atmosphere to a whole new level. Soul Liquor is dark album. Dark and ominous. Jace's rhymes are sedated and deadpan, like he hasn't seen the sun in months, while Blak's deep-ass voice growls and stutters on the offbeat like some sick troll under a bridge. Producer King Otto (along with Mr. Hill and Bean One) provides the perfect sonic backdrop. Listen to the string section straining for a resolution that never comes on "H.O.R.", or the disjointed piano loop from "Original Conviction". Or the empty, cave-like quality of the live cuts. This is a dark record. And whereas Seattle compatriots Oldominion tend to glorify and romanticize the dark side of existence, the Silent Lambs give it to you straight. There's no glorification here. Every metaphor is spoken in a monotone, like a grocery list, making the blasted aural landscape even bleaker.
So I guess this album wouldn't have been a hit in another city, as it is so definitely a Northwest record. And if it had come out later, it might have just been dismissed as another act cashing in on the "Northwest Sound" credited to Oldominion. It's too bad, because the Silent Lambs Project deserves to be recognized as one of the great inspirational acts in the underground hip hop constellation.

Soul Liquor

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

500 Years Strong

For Maximum Audio Pleasure, Headphone Listening Is Recommended.

Jasiri Media Group in effect, from 1997. 23 tracks of dopeness; with Source of Labor and Beyond Reality taking the lion's share of the space, making this a definite dope and crucial classic Seattle release. Other notables on this comp include the amazing Felicia Loud, Theaster and horn player Cecil Young. Negus I produces, with Vitamin D producing "Revival" and Shakima on deck for "Prayer".

Word Sound Power

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Analog Gut is an early release by lo-fi Blowedian giant Subtitle. Produced by the man himself, this is a foggy, murky, understated four-track work of stoner deadpan cerebral hip hopery. Overfiends (Existereo and Metfly), Akuma of the Shape Shifters, and Sub's crew West Coast Work Force (Sub, Radioinactive, Joe Dub, Premonition, and Megabusive) all make appearances. Essential listening for any four-track hip hop head. 2001.

Analog Gut

Friday, February 5, 2010

Crush Groove

Courtney from the Shape Shifters, Overfiendz, WhyKnows, Candy's 22, etc dropped this overlooked release in 2004. Existereo spins romanticized tales of junkies, hookers, grifters, and other assorted lowlifes in a neo-beat, Bukowski-meets-Burroughs vein. Literary shit. Good shit. Features include Innaspace, Awol, the League, Biru, West Coast Work Force, and others.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

High Heat

More of the 206, from 2000. Some scary shit. Conscious thugism? Who knows. It definitely stands out as a unique project in the 206 vaults, as they sound completely unlike any other Northwest act I ever came across. As a point of reference, if CVE had any sort of production values whatsoever, they'd probably sound like this.

1st Degree Burns

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Too Much Posse (A Request)

I came across this embarrassment of riches a while back and thought I should share. The entire GPAC crew discog plus soulseek compilation of rare tracks. Thanks go to ANU for the original post of this!

Phlowtation Devices
98 Unheard
Unheard To the Third Degree


Global Phlow Discog

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In answer to a request. I can't say anything about this record that hasn't already been said by a million other people, so I'll just say I like it a great deal. Link ganked from elsewhere.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Yusef Afloat - Full Revolution Music

Yusef Afloat (RIP) and Nouka Basstype AKA Sach

I have no info to share about his album, except that it's fucking amazing. It features 9 tracks of jazzy, rough, classic hip hop with Yusef's unmistakable voice and rhymes. I can't say for sure, but the beats sound suspiciously Sach-ish. It's truly a lost westcoast treasure . For all those who continue to mourn the passing of Yusef and and the Nonce, this is guaranteed to make you smile a little. It's a taperip, so of course the quality isn't pristine, but that's just how it's supposed to be.

Full Revolution Music

Freestyle Fellowship - Toe Jam ep

This elusive ep popped up on Philaflava recently. Thanks go to b. radio for this. Don't sleep.
01. Aceyalone and Self Jupiter Freestyle
02. Freestyle Fellowship - Desperate (OG Version)
03. Aceyalone and Self Jupiter - When The Sun Took A Day Off....
04. Mikah 9 - Late Night Streets (OG Version)
05. Mikah 9 - Never Cross (OG Version)

Toe Jam ep

Inoe of Global Phlow

The Relm

Inoe of GPAC delivers once on his debut release, Master Relm. 11 drum-heavy, Adlib and Zagu produced tracks, live from the four-track.