Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dope After life comp from 2000. All the 'Lifers from that golden era show up to drop track after track of serious illness.


Declaration Disc 1

Declaration Disc 2


  1. haha this comp is so sick!

  2. I just discovered your site yesterday and i´m still making my way trough it.
    I´m a big Project Blowed / Afterlife etc. fan and i´m surprised to discover some groups on your site that i haven´t heard about before...

  3. Upmost respect for posting this.. I' been on a crazy search for tray loc gold digger.. ANywayz I was wondering if u could post rifleman riflemania and cve unreleased, unclassified. I have Riflemania and Unreleased but they are incomplete. So this is my request I dont know where to officially post a request.

  4. Oh my, this blog is friggin´ awesome! Big up from Finland! Do you have the Welcome to the Afterlife compilation CD? I think I have four different 12"s out of that record but they don´t have all the songs from the compilation. Thanks once again!