Saturday, January 30, 2010

Proper Execution

Count Your Blessings

Zagu created another four-track gem in the GPAC catalog with Above It All. This album's a bit wilder than his previous release, and the record certainly doesn't suffer because of it. It's a record that demands that you listen to it, and it's so varied that it keeps you guessing as to what the next song is going to sound like. It's too bad there isn't more material of his out there. However, it's good to know he's still at work, with his new band Goodfeathers.
This record features Of Mexican Descent, Adlib, Ambush, Jon Jon, Inoe, and other voices you'd expect to hear. From the primordial days of 98.
By the way, dig the intro and track 3 of this album. He used the unforgettable intro to the Wu's 8 Diagrams years before that album, and used the Clash's Straight to Hell guitar lick when M.I.A. was still listening to the Spice Girls.


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