Monday, January 18, 2010

Pronounced "Nayla"

The classic debut by one of my favorite artists, Neila. With only 4 songs (and one interlude), this tape is way too short, but it's got that classic scratchy goodness that underground headz strive to hear. I was first turned on to this dope emcee through Acid Reign; they put out a tape with her back in '99. From the moment I popped that tape in and heard what came out of my car stereo's busted speakers, I was hooked (For those who want to hear that great work, check it out here). This release dropped the year before, and features Buzz One and Ila on guest vocals, with VRSE, Mr. Rios, Mantis Claw and Casino on beats.



  1. Yeah, she is a hella dope MC. First stuff I've heard from Neila was the Rob One Rock On (beautiful) tribute track where she was featured and then Vertical Trees. Still bumpin that album, it never gets old. This EP is also the shit, my fav track is Vanished.
    Thanks for the upload Jack.

  2. Ah, I was Erik :)

  3. Thanks for this! Truly dope material...

    On an unrelated note, do you think you could upload the Naptron full-length (Afekz of Metatron, I think...) and any other Alien Nation material? Props in advance, brother.


  4. damn this takes me back...
    this is dope, they use to have a 5$ hip hop show every friday night right here in my hometown of Pomona and one of the last shows was the record release for "Vertical trees" with Neila, Darkleaf, Otherwize, and some other local cats perfoming... damn i miss those days...

    she just dropped another album last year i think its called "better late than never" with a lot of head's featured on it, ive only heard a couple tracks but she's dope...

    oh and did you hear that Freestyle Fellowship is back together and droppin a new album this year, just thought i would mention it because i cant wait for that shit to drop...

  5. here is "better late than never"

    just in case you havent heard it...


  6. Thanks Homes! I don't think I have that!