Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inside Out

Inside Out Vol.1 - A Foolblown Compilation

IThis was a favorite back in the day, and woke me up to a bunch of heads out there. You used to be able to get this at their website, as well as at A-Tak and Sandbox Automatic, but I got my copy at Jam Records (RIP), the only place in town back then that would carry weird stuff like this. Here's where I got my first taste of Atmosphere, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock, Braille, and Subtitle, among others. From the Blowed, to Anticon, to Atoms, many of the innovators of the underground movement at that time show up with some musical jewels. Definitely a classic of it's time and well worth listening to.



  1. damn this is sick... i got this and a lot of my shit on dub tapes, the way underground was introduced to me, i used to dub everything i came across and mean Everything!! im just now startin to get all my shit on disc or mp3...

    I got an og RobOne mixape from late 90 's that i would love to get on cd...

    i got some other shit i think u might like or have already but i will put it up and shoot you the link... by the way love the site i told a few of my homies about it so dont be surprised to see more traffic.

  2. Hey Phyer, glad you're digging the site, and thanks for spreading the word!

    I know I have a RobOne tape in the files somewhere, I'll take a look for it. And yeah, post that shit! I know you probably got stuff I've never heard...

    Man, I miss tapes...

  3. damn me too, who would have thought tapes would go obsolete hahaha maybe i should have been burnin cd's instead, but anyway...

    yeah dude im just goin through my shit right now im uploading
    Freestyle Fellowship "Shockadoom" and PEACE "Southern fry'd Chicken"

    im not sure how hard to find they are i've had em for years and never met anyone else who had em but anyway i'll post em up later just in case you dont got em... i got other shit too but it might take me a few days to put it up...

    damn i really wish i had a workin tape player right now all my RARE(pre 2000) shit is on tape, my cd's are newer(post 2000) and easier to find...

  4. well i dont know if you got these but here's Rifleman Ellay Khule "Klass sixx vol.1"

    and Quannum Spectrum a Compilation (from 99' i think) wit Gift of Gab, Lateef, lyrics Born and more...

    there you go if you dont already have em... if you dont, give em a listen and tell me what you think.


  5. Hey Phyer thanks man! I do have both those dope records, actually, but would it be cool with you if I posted these links on the main page? And the DJ D as well? They're great records, and should be peeped upon.

  6. yeah man post em up, those are just a couple of my favs i wanted to share... right now im lookin for my "Tags of the time 3", "Celestial Sqaurdron" and 3 melancholy Gypsys "Gypsys Luck" so i can post em, im sure you got those...

    but by any chance do you have Mikah 9 "It's all love" i got it on tape, but what dont i have on tape...

  7. Thank you Sooooo very much for this!!!! So very rare and awesome...
    I've been going through a lot of your gems and really appreciate that you also are still
    active on here! Please, keep em coming sir.

    P.S. Do you happen to have any Disflex6? Also anything from cam the wizard ... Thanks again , I'll def be checking back!