Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Answer To a Request...

Here's the record that, for many of us, woke us up to Project Blowed. From the moment I tore the cellophane off and dropped the needle, I knew I had encountered something rare and amazing. It single-handedly revitalized my lagging interest in hip hop at the time, and started my obsession with the LA underground/Project Blowed scene. OD deserves a Grammy for this.

Note: the version I'm upping contains 18 tracks, comprising the original release plus the three new songs added to the second edition.

Beneath the Surface (Definitive Vinyl)


  1. damn yo i feel the same way about this album, this shit is the definition of hip hop... from beggining to end every track is classick!! yo i got that CVE "Gotta cum up 1999" im gonna try to get it up soon and i will shoot you the link... i got plenty of other shit too yo, what else u lookin for??

    Devo site is ill yo, supportin hip hop fo sho the real shit fuck that fake radio money rap!!! yo dj Bring that beat back!!!

  2. whatever happened to onomatopoeia? did they ever release a group album?

  3. Unfortunately they didn't ever get around to that. Rumor has it that Slant may have old Kali 9/Onomatopoeia stuff gathering dust somewhere...

  4. CVE "Gotta cum up 1999 link