Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going the Distance

More crazy abstract music, this time from the Dark Leaf camp. From 2002-3, this mostly-instrumental record has some of the most out-there hip hop you can imagine. It's not for all tastes, but if you dig the Dark Leaf sound, or music that challenges your preconceptions in general, you won't be disappointed. Guest appearances by a variety of DJ's and emcees, including Existereo, St. Mark, Kemit, Mixmaster Wolf and Lord Zen.

Jet Lag


  1. haha damn i just uploaded this shit and i was gonna shoot you a link, but your a couple steps ahead of me... there are some dope beats on this... Longevity gave me a copy of this at a darkleaf, Hip Hop Kclan show years ago...

    dont know why i mentioned that just reminiscing i guess...

  2. Nice, that must have been a dope show. Gonna work on that request here in a minnit...

  3. This was a great record, thanks! I'm gonna give it another listen but I'm pretty sure some of those beats appear on the Existereo "Dirty Deeds" album.. WORD.