Friday, January 22, 2010

14 Fathoms

Released around the same time as Do The Math, this compilation of Northwest artists was in line with that album's murky, jazzy vibe, although with a harder edge. Sinsemilla, Ghetto Chilldren, Samson S, Union of Opposites and others of the Tribal Music camp are represented, as well as Seattle mainstays Source of Labor, Prose and Concepts, Jace, and Blind Council (Blak's old group). DMS also make an appearance. Classic material, and essential listening for any 206/Tribal head.

14 fathoms deep


  1. Yo Jack Devo, this is Truth formerly of Union of Opposites and the Tribal Production crew. You lookin for Transitions by the Elevators? here you go! Sorry I can't help with the rest, tho.

  2. Hey Truth, Thanks a ton for this! You made my month, seriously. Funny though, I thought the tape I heard had more than 3 songs, but my memory can be spotty at best. Thanks for stopping by as well; it's an honor to have you here.
    Jack Devo

  3. yo bruh as a seattle tacoma everett oakland native this is reallly really reallllly nice to get back. im really not into all the new seattle rap, mostly they are just talking about how they are seattle rap and biting atmosphere. this is that shit i tried to tell them about.

    yo and does anyone know where to get a tape called 'the flood' and the cover is old school pencil graf.

    or if anyone wants to trade anything, local west coast tapes

  4. okay jack, i see you posted it already. you my hero bruh. this is a big big big deal for me. when i heard the lil instrumental at the end of 'confrontations' off untranslated prescriptions it made me teer up. memories man. ridin in a lil pontiac fiero smokin blunts with the windows up, with cats dead or in jail.

    its not much to offer, but i have lots of local oakland shit, but its really really really hard.

  5. Hey Anonymous, thanks for the comments. I'm glad there are people out there who feel as strongly about this stuff as I do. That's what this blog is all about.

    Have you got a recommendation on that Oakland shit? I'm always down to hear something new.