Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tune In!

The Almighty Adlib
Hi peeps, I've been inactive for a time here, doing the business on the late, great 5vemics, then getting busy with school, but I just thought I'd post up a goody I'm all excited about tracking down: Adlib's album "Tune In"! This is the last album he made before his instrumental stuff took the fore, and his emcee skills here are in prime form. I heard about this via his 2001 instrumental album "Save Us" - it listed his other albums to that point, including this one, "Vs." and "Operating the Generator". This record picks up from where "Vs." left off - the last track on that is the first track on this - and continues onward in Mr. Beck's distinctive, lo-fi, scratchy style. 19 tracks deep, circa 99-2000. Long live GPAC!

Tune In


  1. Do you know if there's a difference between your version and this one?

    1. I think the version I have here is only 19 tracks :( No telling what's missing. Unfortunately I don't have an actual copy to tell what's what.