Friday, December 11, 2009

Street Life Family

Street Life Family Presents: Hip Hop Summer Heat

I came across this colaboration a while back that piqued my interest, as it features tracks by some familiar Cali faces: Ab Rude, Jayne Doe, Dutch, Minister 2Bad, DZL, Massive, and R.E.A.L. all show up, along with a few other names that that are new to me. From 2004 (I think). Note: The tracks listed on the player are misnamed. Follow the track listing below for the correct titles and artists.

1. Intro - (Mass dog)
2. Hip Hop Summer Heat - (Fists Cuffs, Black, Freez Burn, Luvles)
3. Another Summer - (First degree, Ab Rude)
4. Summer Love - (Kiki aka Jane Doe)
5. Fall In - (Killa Tri Angles)
6. Skit - (Dutch, English Mozart Ensemble)
7. Summer Brezz - (R.E.A.L.)
8. Steped in the Club - (Dutch, Too Bad)
9. It Is What It Is - (Dorion, Yolunda Ball)
10. Skit
11. Big Party - (Isreal)
12. What You Want
13. Now That It's Summer Time - (Yolunda Ball)
14. Bounce Like a Low Low - (DZL, Man Child)
15. Everytime I See You - (Street Life Family)

Hip Hop Summer Heat Vol.1

Edit:  Get it here:

Summer Heat Vol. 1