Friday, December 18, 2009


Bean One, Page3, X.Troydinare = Doublevision

I've already mentioned this Northwest act over at In Search of the Lost Chord, but I feel like showcasing the talented Bean One and company a little more. This came out in '99, the same year that Footprints' Operation Raw dropped, but this record boasts a much cleaner and crisper sound. Like Bean's other early collaborator Proh Mic, I have no idea what Page3 and X.Troydinare have been up to since. Check 18 tracks worth of classic and heavily slept-on Seattle hip hopery.

The Year Two Gee...


  1. Yeah, BeanOne and Doublevision! These guys were straight out of the High Point projects in West Seattle. Even though I was from Tacoma I used to play that all the time. So I'm kicking myself for finding your blog late, man, you have some good ish! Would it be too much to ask to re-up Doublevision?? Thanks & keep it up.

  2. Hey man, glad you like the blog! I'm in the process of reupping all my dead links, so keep checking back. hopefully by tomorrow I'll have em all back up!