Friday, July 24, 2009

On Some Other Shit

 Ali When He Was Cassius: Otherwize

Let's get things started. Since I've been on a heavy Project Blowed kick lately, I'll keep running with it. This 12" was a favorite of mine back in '99 and it still is. Other-wize is an awesome emcee, as anyone who's heard him can attest. So the story goes, he's the guy who served Eminem back in '97 and caused him to retire from battling. This ex-Hip Hop Kclan and current Blak Forest member's delivery is in-your-face, dense, loud, and clever. Every time I hear his music, I pick up on something I've overlooked before, and it usually makes me laugh out loud.
This single put out on Blackberry is one of his finest appearances. M-Boogie's quick and crisp production style suits Wize's no-holds-barred delivery perfectly. Take a listen; you'll hear the title track as well as the b-side, the blunted and paranoid "The Robbery," as well as obligatory nstrmntls and accapellas.

Some Other Ish VLS

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