Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loc'ed After Dark: Tray Loc

 First of all (just to squash your hopes right away), this isn't Jean In Da Front Row, and it's not Golddigger either. This is Tray's cd-r he sold on his 2004(?) tour, called Unreleased, or Untitled, or Prerelease, etc. Second, if you have either of those two aforementioned titles, could you be a pal and send em hither? Pretty please?
This is Tray doing what he does (rapping about his sexy times), with help from Ellay Khule, Riddlore?, Mikah 9, and some other dudes I don't recognize. 11 tracks, at 37 minutes.

Tray Loc


  1. Do you know where to find the "Gotta Cumm Up EP" from 1990 that is credited on riddlore's page here, , as it doesn't seem to be the same one as the on dropped 99... peace

  2. I wish I did! I'm on the look for it as well.