Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crew Cuts Vol. 2

...And this is Volume 2. Overall I'd say Tommy V. outdid himself even more than on the first collection. My only gripe is the last track, "Pepsi On the Record 98" must actually have been sprayed in Pepsi or some other corrosive substance, as the sound is frustratingly bad. What adds insult to injury is that it's a 10-minute cut that has a ton of underground heads on it. If you can get around the muddiness, it's a great track.
I admit I had to cobble this together from other sources, as my tape has gotten so murky and warbly over the years it's un-listenable. But it's all here. Again, click on the picture to see who's on what, since it would take until the cows come home to type it out.

Imprints Crew Cuts Vol. 2

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