Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adlib - Vs.

"A hand-fought struggle accompanied by many emotions translated into infinite measures of motion." If you know Global Phlowtations, then you can guess how this sounds. Thavius Beck, aka Adlib's Vs. is an abstract, rougher-than-rough 4-track gem, with the signature cerebral raps, crazy loops, and thin, murky beats indicative of his early production efforts. According to Adlib's notes regarding Vs., this is his first solo project, entirely self-produced and written (except The "Spot Pt. 1" co-written by Sach)." In typical GPAC fashion, the tracks are unlisted. 10 songs deep, at just under 20 minutes.

Adlib - Vs.

Just found the track list!
1. Introducing
2. Tread Water
3. Focus
4. The Present
5. The Spot (Part 1) Featuring - Sach
6. C'mon Now!?!
7. Horsepower
8. Weight
9. Lip Service
10. Stay Tuned...


  1. GPAC sick thanks for postin all this shit havent heard it in years and some of it ive never heard at all!! if you have Fat Jack Cater to the DJ or Declaration of an Independent by the afterlifers PLEASE post them!!!

  2. wat bout Beneath the Surface, yo if u have it post that shit pleeease i cant find it nowhere...