Thursday, July 30, 2009


When listening to Trenseta's 2003 mixtape The Uncutt Vol. 1 I get the feeling that he really wants to be the next mainstream hit. He has the sharp image, his beats are polished, and his voice is smooth and infectious. He has years of street cred (Goodlife and Project Blowed OG), and he's also appeared on albums by chart toppers. He even states how he plans on going multi-platinum. There's only one problem: He just has too much to say.
In an effort to "be the next big thing," Tren has outdone himself and made music that is just too good. He sacrifices all the monotonous, bellowed choruses and shitty beats you hear on radio tunes for verse after verse of lyrical density over beats that actually don't piss you off. Whether he's shredding Ja Rule's cred to tiny pieces, or talking shit about wanabe players, or spitting out battle raps, he is consistently original, clever, humorus, and at times, amazing. And where many of his cohorts have had a much larger catalogue of releases, some of which - lets face it- can be maddeningly forgettable, this sole release by Tren is a banger from start to finish. There isn't a weak track on the album.
Give a listen; it's 23 tracks worth of slept-on goodness.

Uncutt Vol. 1

Loc'ed After Dark: Tray Loc

 First of all (just to squash your hopes right away), this isn't Jean In Da Front Row, and it's not Golddigger either. This is Tray's cd-r he sold on his 2004(?) tour, called Unreleased, or Untitled, or Prerelease, etc. Second, if you have either of those two aforementioned titles, could you be a pal and send em hither? Pretty please?
This is Tray doing what he does (rapping about his sexy times), with help from Ellay Khule, Riddlore?, Mikah 9, and some other dudes I don't recognize. 11 tracks, at 37 minutes.

Tray Loc

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crew Cuts Vol. 2

...And this is Volume 2. Overall I'd say Tommy V. outdid himself even more than on the first collection. My only gripe is the last track, "Pepsi On the Record 98" must actually have been sprayed in Pepsi or some other corrosive substance, as the sound is frustratingly bad. What adds insult to injury is that it's a 10-minute cut that has a ton of underground heads on it. If you can get around the muddiness, it's a great track.
I admit I had to cobble this together from other sources, as my tape has gotten so murky and warbly over the years it's un-listenable. But it's all here. Again, click on the picture to see who's on what, since it would take until the cows come home to type it out.

Imprints Crew Cuts Vol. 2

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crew Cuts

I won't try to list all the emcees on this release, so just click on the cover above to take a look at the track list, and you'll see the array of talent involved. The name speaks for itself - track after track of crew cuts.
This is Imprints ringleader Tommy V.'s signature lo-fi 4-track tape stuff, from 2001, put out on his own Homeless records. Some of it has turned up elsewhere, probably in better quality, but the o.g. tape hiss compliments the music perfectly.
16 tracks over 1 hour.

Imprints - Crew Cuts

Project Blowed Radio #1

Fat Jack dropped this mixtape in 2001. It features sides by established blowdians alongside those of their peers, from the Lootpack to Jay-Z. Nearly 40 minutes in length.

Naptron the Meta Predator

Naptron's Styles of Madness
This is a great ep in the Celestial Recordings catalog. Produced by Hive and Daddy Kev, Naptron's ep sounds a lot like fellow Alien Nation member Phoenix Orion's Zimulated Experiencez album from the year before (produced by the same cats). Which is most definitely a good thing. This short release is packed with heavy, raw rhythms over eerie atmospherics. It just whetted my appetite for the full length I kept hearing that Naptron was going to drop. So, with this release to tide me over, I waited patiently for, oh, about a decade(!) before I actually got my hands on a copy of it...
What you're getting here are 10 tracks, including originals, music and vox tracks.

Styles of Madness

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dead Homiez

 For those who are here, you probably already know what Dead Homiez is all about. Until recently this soundtrack from 1997 was next to impossible to find. I remember daydreaming about the one used copy I saw on Am_zon a few years back (for 65 bucks!) with what could only be described as lust. But thanks to the internet (and assholes like me) it's finally seeing the light of day. Featuring tracks from ATU, Volume 10, Ganjah K, DK Toon and others, this compilation of west coast gangsta rap was an obsession of mine until I finaly found it and bought it from a semi-legit Polish MP3 site. And now, I pass it on to you. Enjoy!

Dead Homiez

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Like the picture says, this is Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship's 2001 slab of wax for "Life Doesn't Get No Better Than This", along with b-sides "Discouraging Quotes" (hearing J-Smoov is a rare treat) and the certified classic "4808-4911-A". Instrumentals are also included.



Why Medusa isn't a superstar is beyond me. Possessed with an amazingly soulful and commanding voice, Medusa delivers on this record like Macy Gray or Joss Stone only wish they could. Do It the Way You Feel It is her 1997 ep off of Goodvibe records, featuring Feline Science and Wil-Dog, and with production from Fat Jack, J-A-To the Z, Ieye, and Panda.


Adlib - Vs.

"A hand-fought struggle accompanied by many emotions translated into infinite measures of motion." If you know Global Phlowtations, then you can guess how this sounds. Thavius Beck, aka Adlib's Vs. is an abstract, rougher-than-rough 4-track gem, with the signature cerebral raps, crazy loops, and thin, murky beats indicative of his early production efforts. According to Adlib's notes regarding Vs., this is his first solo project, entirely self-produced and written (except The "Spot Pt. 1" co-written by Sach)." In typical GPAC fashion, the tracks are unlisted. 10 songs deep, at just under 20 minutes.

Adlib - Vs.

Just found the track list!
1. Introducing
2. Tread Water
3. Focus
4. The Present
5. The Spot (Part 1) Featuring - Sach
6. C'mon Now!?!
7. Horsepower
8. Weight
9. Lip Service
10. Stay Tuned...

Awol One and Xololanxinxo

 Here's a 7" that came out in 2000, produced by Mum's the Word, and featuring Awol on one side and Xololanxinxo on the other. Both tracks are ill. Released on Sub Level Epidemic.

Flying Spiders b/w The Dying Chain

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Weather - Touch Type b/w Winthorp & Winthorp

This 7" is pretty much what you'd expect from Busdriver and Radioinactive. It dropped about the same time as their album with Daedelus, but these tracks were produced with different beatmakers. "Touch Type" has beats by Paris Zax, while "Winthorp and Winthorp" is produced by Daddy Kev. Their production efforts give this short release a slightly less experimental feel than what Daedelus did on their full-length, which I thought sometimes floundered a bit (Their track "Barely Music" comes to mind).
Here you go:

Touch Type/Winthorp and Winthorp

Shaydie Hutch

 3rd Degree

Here's Blak Forest's Shaydie 3rd Degree with his 2000 release "Hi Energy," along with "What Could Happen" and "Conversation Peace." The title track is a slab of solid emcee work, with a flow that keeps me listening over and over. All tracks were produced by 80 Nine 'Til, and the release is on Up Above.

Hi Energy 12"

Friday, July 24, 2009

Foot Soljaaz

Zig E.S.P. & Otherwize

Here's a heavy release from the Blak Forest camp. This 1999 three-song ep features Otherwize in his usual take-no-prisoners form, along with the equally-ingenuitive Zig E.S.P. Be sure to check out "Zonin."

Foot Soljaaz 12"

On Some Other Shit

 Ali When He Was Cassius: Otherwize

Let's get things started. Since I've been on a heavy Project Blowed kick lately, I'll keep running with it. This 12" was a favorite of mine back in '99 and it still is. Other-wize is an awesome emcee, as anyone who's heard him can attest. So the story goes, he's the guy who served Eminem back in '97 and caused him to retire from battling. This ex-Hip Hop Kclan and current Blak Forest member's delivery is in-your-face, dense, loud, and clever. Every time I hear his music, I pick up on something I've overlooked before, and it usually makes me laugh out loud.
This single put out on Blackberry is one of his finest appearances. M-Boogie's quick and crisp production style suits Wize's no-holds-barred delivery perfectly. Take a listen; you'll hear the title track as well as the b-side, the blunted and paranoid "The Robbery," as well as obligatory nstrmntls and accapellas.

Some Other Ish VLS

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Message From Gamba's House

Hey there, this is Jack. The hard-to-find hip hop thing is kind of getting out of hand on my main blog, so I'm setting this site up to deal with that particular obsession of mine exclusively. I'll probably be posting sporadically on this, and who knows how long it'll last before I either run out of enthusiasm or it gets shut down. I always welcome requests/links/comments, and to know that there are actual readers will encourage me to continue with this project.
More coming soon. Until then, check out l0stch0rd for what I consider to be the initial posts for this blog:

Puzoozoo Watt

Ganjah K

Portrait of a Ghetto Raised


1 Year Edit: I've gone ahead and moved these old posts over to beetbak. See below.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


 Here's another impossible-to-find nugget. This weird release came out only on cassette in 1999, at least I think. This cerebral Blowdian rapper Puzoozoowatt was, and maybe still is, a member of the group Onomatopoeia, along with Slant (who made the beats for this release, as well as guested on one spot), and Vixen, who shows up a couple of times. I remember ordering this from P-Minus' website back in the day, along with a bunch of Rifleman, CVE, and GPAC cds. When I got the package it was one of the happiest days of my pathetic, nerdy life. Go check out Puzoozoo's myspace page to hear the strange and cool stuff he's up to these days. While you're there, ask him please to release some more tracks! Please!! For now, enjoy this strange tape.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ganjah K

Ganjah K's legendary unreleased album from the early 90's, Harvest For the World, is a record I've tried to find for more than a decade. It's my own personal "most sought after" record. I'd hear about it here and there, and I'd find it listed on online trade sites, but despite a number of valiant efforts at getting a copy, (including ignored offers to trade, then ignored offers of money/sex, leading to ignored threats of emotional blackmail, extortion, and bodily harm) I would always ultimately fail at getting my hands on this coveted gem.
But I never gave up hope. I knew that some day, on some blog, or sketchy hip hop forum, or Russian pirate/porn site, I would find this most holy of hip hop holy grails. And low and behold, it finally happened. And not only did I find Harvest for the World, but I also located his other impossible-to-find album, Danksta Life!
Before I go further, a quick run-down of the man of the hour: Ganjah K is a Los Angeles emcee, a member of First Brigade (and possibly also an early member of Freestyle Fellowship?), who kills it on the mic. He yells when he raps. He has amazing battle skills. He's had an elusive career, getting signed to the great Satan Pallas Records in the mid nineties, never getting official release for his records, and subsequently appearing almost entirely on small compilations and guest spots for nearly 20 years.
And this could very well be a valid reason why I'm so passionate about Ganjah K's work. Certainly there's the struggle I have to go through to find his music, which I find rewarding. But more importantly, where some of his more successful cohorts have had the means to become slicker, flashier, and more mainstream, Ganjah K has been denied that success and therefore still retains that raw edge that is so appealing. Ultimately, this means that whenever I hear a new appearance by Ganjah I'm not disappointed.
Here's where I found these jems:
Be sure to give praise where praise is due(i.e. to Ganjah K and the dudes who actually uploaded this shiz)! But be aware: I'd always heard that the sound quality of Ganjah's Harvest was terrible, but I wasn't prepared for just how terrible it was. So, if anybody out there reading this has a better copy, please let me know! I Will gladly trade/pay money for/have sex with you for/blackmail you for/threaten you with bodily harm for a quality version of Harvest.
Now that I've finally found these records, my life is strangely empty.
Here's a hit of the Ganjah.

Got My Mind Trippin 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Portrait of a Ghetto Raised

 As far as I can tell, this can't be found anywhere. For those who know of this, no intro is necessary. For everyone else, this is the ultra-rare Project Blowed-related compilation album Portrait of a Ghetto Raised on One Punch Records. Just barely dropping in 1998, it came about soon after the blow-up that was Beneath the Surface and just before the equally-incendiary Cater To the DJ. However, unlike those two comps, Portrait came and went with barely a rumor to mark it's passing.
Produced in large by Fat Jack, Portrait boasts some unheard tracks by some Blowed veterans: Abstract Tribe Unique, Ganjah K, Volume 10, Smooth 7, Dutch, DK Toon and others. The vibe is a relative departure from the experimental flavor that the Blowed camp generally deliver: This is raw, post-g-funk-era hip hop. The beats are from drum machines, not samples; the bass is smooth and prominant; and high, whiney synth lines dominate.
I remember learning about this release when a promo cd single showed up at the indie record store down the street from my apartment. I recognized Fat Jack's and Dutch's name at the time, and waited impatiently for the album to show up, but to no avail. Then one night, years later, I was checking out the tiny shelf of tapes in the same record shop (Orpheum, for those who care-RIP) and low and behold, there it was! I asked the tight-pantsed clerk about it, and he told me it had been sitting collecting dust for all those years, waiting for my sweaty palms to clutch at it. Cosmic.
Check it out! The tracks by Ganjah K and Dutchman are standouts.

Track listing:
A1: Portrait of a Ghetto Raised: Intro - Ab Rude
A2: In the Club Tonight - The Suspects
A3: It's the Life - Smooth 7
A4: Right Or Wrong - Mark Means feat. Mr. Beloved
A5: Feel the High - Ganjah K
A6: Clothes By the Trees - K-Lam
A7: Do Or Die - The Suspects feat. Sir Loon
A8: Affiliations - Abstract Tribe Unique
A9: The Game Has Been Good To Me - Ganjah K
B1: Profound - K-Lam
B2: Everybody Banging - DK Toon feat. Smooth 7
B3: Peace Of the West - Dutchman feat. Volume 10 & DZL
B4: Take Me - Billie feat. Mr. Beloved
B5: Give It Up - Israel
B6: Low Low - Volume 10 feat. Flowood
B7: In the Zone - The Suspects feat. Money Green

Portrait of a Ghetto Raised